Friday, July 28, 2017

Flashback Friday - Lady bugs

Smells like my leash.

What a grrrrrreat chew toy!

My fiber diet.

Wasn't I cute in my wee little lady bug harness?

                         Baby Ranger

Monday, July 24, 2017

Da Results are In - Da Good, da Bad, & da Ugly

We got da results of my biopsy.     Da Good news is dat da margins are clean.

Grrrrrr...... I don't like what I'm hearing!
I'm only 5 years old.

Da Bad news

Da results showed dat da little mass, dat the Dogster removed from my poor paw pad, was Melanoma (da malignant kind).

YIKES !!!!!!!    

Da Dogster also examined my lymph node (in my leg/hip) and she said that dar does not appear to be any inflammation (which is good).

Da Ugly

Mom got on her Yaptop and started researching Melanoma in dogs.    Here is what she learned:

  • Melanoma is the most common tumor found in the mouth of dogs, and the second most common tumor found on the digits (toes). 
  • There is a predisposition for male dogs and certain breeds seem to be overrepresented, including Scottish terriers, Cocker Spaniels, Gordon Setters, Chow Chows, and Golden retrievers.  
  • They are locally invasive tumors, often infiltrate deep into the bone (of the jaw or toe), and have a high rate of metastasis (spreading).   Dogs with digit melanomas have an average survival time of about 1 year with surgery alone. The melanoma vaccine, however, can dramatically improve survival times.   
Now SHE knows dat you can't believe everything you read on da Yaptop, so She is looking forward to talking to da "C" Dogster.

What's next?
  • More healing of my poor paw pad.
  • I get my stitches out on 7/31.
  • My Dogster is going to consult wiff a "C" Dogster to discuss options.
  • Mom plans to ask about a new treatment called the melanoma vaccine (Oncept). From what she read on her Yaptop, it is a new DNA vaccine treatment that stimulates your dog’s immune system to fight the melanoma. This is not traditional chemotherapy and is tolerated extremely well by most dogs.
Keep dos healing vibes & prayers flowing my way.


Pees.   If you have any experience wiff Melanoma in Dogs, please feel free to email me ScottieRanger@gmail

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